What Are Corals?

Corals are invertebrate animals distinguished by a simple stomach and a single mouth opening surrounded by small tentacle like arms. Corals are often mistaken as plants because of their sessile characteristic, meaning they permanently attach themselves onto rocks or the ocean floor.

Soft bodied corals are bendable and are non-reef building corals, however when most people refer to corals, they are typically referring to stony or hard corals, and the structures which we often correspond to as coral are in fact numerous coral polyps which connect to form a coral colony that acts as a single organism, these colonies then grow and join with other colonies and become coral reefs. Hard corals contain and have a mutual partnership with microscopic algae called zooxanthellae in which both organisms rely on each another to grow and thrive.

Healthy coral reefs form a mutual symbiosis and offer shelter for thousands of marine inhabitants, this natural collaboration is the reason why coral reefs sustain ecological communities for hundreds to thousands of years, and are one of the largest known biological structures.

Not Just A Workplace

Our Story

Innovation Inspired Bi-Diversity

Coral Hub was founded in 2020 under the inspiration of well flourished biological niches sustained by biodiversity. Countless species of coral varying in shape, color, and size foster the diversity of life in coral reefs which support numerous species of fish, sea turtles, invertebrates and other marine mammals. The exotic fauna of marine life illustrate a natural phenomenon in which endless benefits are fueled by diversification, and similarly we believe that workplace diversity is an essential catalyst for business development and corporate sustainability.

Diversity at Coral Hub goes beyond gender and ethnicity, we embrace individuals with different educational and socioeconomic backgrounds, cultural and political beliefs, work experience, and careers. Coral Hub encourages open minded sharing among our members, partners, and staff, we aim to enlighten minds, bridge gaps, cultivate new ideas, and to further incubate these ideas into reality through a broad range of individual, yet unique experiences, perspectives and strategies. We believe that diversity driven communication and interaction form the basis of a creative and resilient company, and are key to business growth.

With trending numbers of young entrepreneurs, small-medium sized businesses, and start-up companies, we know it’s not always easy to get your business on track, so we’ve decided to bring new opportunities to you. Meet like minded people, new friends, business partners, or perhaps even life-long partners through our Coral Community. Focus on business goals and enjoy hassle free rental contracts, save time and money on utilities and furniture as no set-up is required, if you’re looking for a modern workplace with a touch of versatility and creativity, Coral Hub is the place for you.

Innovation Inspired Bi-Diversity” brought to you by Coral Hub, simply an innovation inspired by biodiversity, and sustained by diversity.